Dad Saves Son from Choking to Death


This is the dramatic moment that a young boy’s life is saved by his dad after beginning to choke on a piece of food in front of a crowd.

Damien Martinez captured the shocking scenes after the anonymous child is seen walking innocuously around the floor at a boating trade show on January 13, in Houston, Texas, USA.

Suddenly, the child twists round, clutching at his throat in distress, and as the panic starts to set in the boy can be heard retching as he begins to struggle for air.

Luckily the dad – dressed in black and wearing a cowboy hat – is alerted by someone by a nearby stall and comes rushing over, begins to firmly smack his terrified son on the back as he bends over in a state of hyper-ventilation.

With a concerned crowd now gathered and after several failed attempts to dislodge the object in the boy’s throat, the hatted-hero increases the power of his strike, until thankfully the boy manages to spit out the troublesome snack that could’ve killed him.