Adult Film Star Brian Pumper Gets RAN DOWN ON By The Babys Father Of A Girl He ‘DEFLOWERED’ On Video


Adult film star BRIAN PUMPER was assaulted yesterday in Los Angeles – all because he disrespected a man’s baby mama on social media.

So what happened? Well Brian posted a vide of him smashing a woman on camera – while smashing eggs on her face. Well the girl’s babys father tracked down Brian and confronted him.

Here is the video of the guy, who is upset with Brian and confronting him:

And this is why he’s so mad. Look what Brian Pumper did to his babys mama in below video!!

  • Alphonse Carter

    Pump was out.

  • The thing is …. his baby momma let him do that shit … why dude goin after B Pumper … he did not put a gun to her head to do that dumb shit

    • Melquan Katz

      No, but he did put an egg to her head and that’s not legal in some states.

      • Chip Duncan

        That shit illegal everywhere

  • Daisy Khalifa

    I’m a girl and I damn know how a fake moan sound let me tell you that dick was not making it .

    • tallasswhitedude

      but have u ever had a guy egg you?

    • Darnell Clifford Reid

      I’ll take that as a no on being egg’d. Lol, so that once again proves the authenticity of the video

  • Agustus Jones

    Who was the child with the phone yelling like a girl?

  • Colino Deani

    lol Soft ass nugga… your GIRL is the hoe.. Pumper just doing what he does best.. fucking hoes!!!

  • Squire Isabell

    Dawg he just cracked a egg on that hoe head ….. why the fuck cant i stop laughing…. that nigga is a lover not a fighter


    Brian a hoe I would have scraped that clown ass mf for talking shit and cracked a carton of eggs on his puss ass

    • od free


    • Ibn Jersey Walker

      Word right y u running dude like a buck 50 lmao @ carton off eggs

  • Darnell Clifford Reid

    LOL! that video still has me ctfu! Oh god i can’t breath lmmfao!!

  • swimm12984

    How does one “deflower” a baby’s mother… She the Virgin Mary or what?

    • Mechecicul Turnup

      Amen! True!!!

    • Ibn Jersey Walker

      I thought i was tripping lmao

  • Dno Blu

    B Pump is a fool, but that nigga baby mama like that kinky shit looks like, like eggs to the head and banana pudding slapped in her face, and he trippin on B Pump. Where she at tho!!! LOL!