Sad….Tattoo Shop Owner Predicts His Death On FB Live Before He Was Tragically Killed! (Video)


Tattoo artist and business owner, Marcus Samuel, was gunned down outside of his home. While his death comes as a shock to many, it seems that Samuel felt like his days were numbered. “I’m Not Gone Last Out Here” Marcus Samuel had once led a life a crime. However, he was changed man who was trying to change his life around. In a video that he created last October, he spoke “live” on Facebook about the daily trauma he faced. Samuel believed that the police was constantly watching him in an effort to set him up despite the fact that he served a 10 year sentence. With tears in his eyes, he mentioned that he wasn’t going to last long predicting that he would die soon. In another video, he boldly stated that he would die soon and that his words would be replayed.

See the video below:

According to Fox 2 News, Marcus was leaving his tattoo shop, Body Graffiti, on Gratiot in Detroit. The shop was also known as “Penitentiary Tattoos” and Samuel was lovingly known to friends as “Big Penn”. He was a talented tattoo artist that perfected his craft after spending 10 years in prison for manslaughter. His cousin, Chris Moore, spoke with Fox 2 News and shared that Samuel was very successful and on his way to being a millionaire.

Not very many felons do 10 years and come out and be a millionaire, said Chris Moore, the victim’s cousin.

Samuel didn’t keep his success a secret as he posted many photos on Facebook capturing his wealth. In addition, many people on Facebook commented on Samuel’s generosity.

Around 9:45 p.m. on Monday, Samuel was coming home when he was gunned down as he got out of this black Hummer SUV. The gunman fired 6 shots and then drove off.

Neighbors heard the gunshots but they believed it was a paint ball gun. Sadly, it was a real gun and Samuel was dead. Friends and family members are wondering who would want to kill Samuel as he was a kind and sweet person. They believe that he may have been set up.

They planned this, they planned this, said Cherenika Samuel, cousin of victim. Whoever did it, it took a lot of balls to come to the suburbs to do it.

It seems as though Marcus may have been set up by a woman who planned to rob him. According to C & G newspaper, before his death, Samuel contacted the police as he feared the woman he was with was conspiring to rob him.

The gentleman said there was a girl in his house and she was conspiring via phone with somebody to rob him, Detective Sgt. Stephen Mills said to C & G. When asked how he knows this, he was out of the house to buy some drinks, and he could hear her because he had video and audio streaming into his phone from inside his house.

Believing that she didn’t act alone, police officers are looking for 26-year-old woman from Detroit and at least one male suspect possibly driving a silver car.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help with the cost of his burial. If you would like to donate, click here.