Beautiful Girl Hit In The Head With A STILETTO HEEL During FIGHT And It Leaves A HOLE In HER HEAD!! (PICS+VIDEOS)


*Warning Disturbing*

An Austin girl named Desiree has gone viral on social media. You see Desiree was BRUTALLY ATTACKED on Saturday night – as she celebrated her 24th birthday at a local nightcbub.

Desiree allowed a couple of ‘HATERS” into her group, who went with her to the club. During the night, Desiree got drunk – and one of the haters TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION

Desiree was beaten, and during the fight – the girl hit her in the forehead with a STILETTO HEEL – leaving a hole in her head. Here’s the video.

Desiree went to the hospital and is recovering from her injuries. She is expected to have PERMANENT scars on her face.

This was her BEFORE getting hit with the heel in the face:

And she had a nice shape too! Check out her popping skills below!