Korean Nail Salon Owner & Customer Scuffle Over A Nail Job!


Dude Goes Off On The Workers! “You Keep Your Hands Off My Queens”

According to a Cleveland Police report, customer Adeshola Mohom went into the salon and complained about the manicure she received on Saturday, March 25.

The owner, Ty Dang, told her he would help her when the store was less busy, according to the report.

Mohom sat down but then became loud and abusive toward the staff, police said. The report said she assaulted another customer who told her “maybe if you ask nicely, they will help you.”

After Mohom allegedly assaulted the customer, Dang grabbed her from behind and tried to get her out of the business.

Police said the security video camera footage confirmed Dang’s story.

  • Carbo_ElGatoFresco

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