13 Year Old Boy ACCIDENTALLY Shoots A 12 Year Old Girl And The Whole Thing Is CAUGHT On LIVESTREAM!!!


*Warning Disturbing*

The video, which is from a LIVESTREAM shot in Argentina, shows a couple of children playing with a shotgun – one of them accidentally shoot Georgina Magalí Vega (12) killing her instantly.
It happened on Santa Rosa de Calchines – Santa Fe, a small town of 9.300 habitants. Georgina was only daughter and lived with his father.

Some translation of what you hear:
0:11 (Georgina): “You kill me and I kill you.”
0:15 – 0:28 (Killer): “Look this! A shell…I load it… And I shoot you but you dont die!”
0:36: (Georgina): “Do you see blood or something?” (Kidding)

0:45 – Shotgun sound
They start screaming “Georgi”

1:00 (Other girl): “Man what have you done!?”
1:05 (Other boy): “Her parents are going to kill us!”
1:10 (Killer): “I’m leaving…”
1:11 (Other boy): “Stop Lucas come here!”