Model calendar showing only dark skinned models and it’s causing controversy!


There’s a little bit of controversy brewing in Los Angeles – after a new photo shoot conducted by Los Angeles TOP booty model photographer, Facet Studios.
Facet Studios usually photos women of all RACES and SHADES, but this year they decided to do a calendar shoot – using ONLY “dark skinned” models – and featuring Bria Myles.

Well the lite skinned models are UPSET over it. They claim that hey are being “discriminated against”. Check out some of the pics and video from the shoot.

  • Tina Bryan

    Beautiful chocolate ladies. Shine on ladies!

  • Carbo_ElGatoFresco

    I’m pretty sure the light-skinned chicks are doing that to make the dark-skinned chicks feel good about themselves.
    It’s a pretty good ploy. Because as sure as the sun will shine there will be ugly black rotund tricks running out of doughnut shops or weave salons, with their capes flapping in their fat backdraft, to defend their DS sisters!