Terrible: Man Brutally Beats Up His Pregnant Girlfriend!


“I’m not saying she deserved it. No human being deserves that,” he continued and cited Woody’s earlier diagnoses of mental illness and his history of problems with Irving. “You have to understand, it is a volatile, toxic relationship.”

Irving said as much herself when she took the stand as the sole defense witness. She acknowledged Woody had taken out a protective order against her in 2014, which she said she was later arrested for violating. She admitted that sometime after that, she’d broken windows at Woody’s grandmother’s house because he wouldn’t call her back.

“Everybody’s looking at him like he’s the bad, like I’m so innocent,” Irving said. “I do have a temper.”

Citing recent drug and alcohol addictions, she also declined to answer most of the prosecution’s questions, denying she’d been left with a scar and claiming not to recognize herself in the video footage or in forensic photographs taken after the attack.

“Your memory appears to be a lot better regarding older incidents,” noted prosecutor John McNeil, who then asked Irving if she was trying to keep Woody out of jail with her testimony.

“Correct,” she replied, then explained why she answered that accusation truthfully: “I’m under oath.”

Woody will be formally sentenced on the malicious wounding charge in April.

Woody also faces a July charge of eluding Roanoke police and online records show he’s still on probation for a federal drug conviction from 2008. It wasn’t clear Wednesday how his Circuit Court cases would affect that.