Here’s What We Know About The Iphone 8 So Far (Heads Up, It’s Expensive Af!)


September is around the corner which means that #Apple is gearing up to announce the specs of the #iPhone8! The official announcement will come on the 12th and seeing as 2017 marks the company’s 10 year reunion, expectations are high…and so are the prices!

Time reports that the phone will have “an edge-to-edge screen and facial recognition technology.” Also, the price will reportedly start at $1,000, so y’all better start looking for sponsors now!

It is rumored that Apple will be announcing the new Apple TV which supports 4K streaming as well as updates to the iPhone 7 and 7+.

“Alleged” Iphone8 below. We are not sure if this is the official design because apple has not anounced it yet but this my or may not be the way the phone will actually look.