BREAKING: President Trump To Personally Donate $1 Million To Texas Harvey Relief


President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania are donating $1 million of their “personal” money to the Hurricane Harvey relief fund, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

The revelation came during Thursday’s White House press briefing. Sanders said she had a chance to speak with the president earlier in the day and he vowed to contribute toward the fund.

“I’m happy to tell you he would like to join in the efforts that a lot of the people we’ve seen across this country do and he’s pledging $1 million of personal money to the fund,” Sanders said. “He’ll pledge proudly $1 million of his own personal money to help the people of Texas and Louisiana.”

Watch the video of Sanders saying the Trumps will donate to Harvey relief below:

Sanders was questioned further on where exactly Trump’s “personal” donation would come from, and she said she wasn’t aware.