Atlanta kindergarten Teacher Is Blowing Up Online After Winning A Twerk Contest!


A Kindergarten teacher from Atlanta is making NATIONAL NEWS – after winning a twerk contest at the popular Gentleman’s Club Ace Of Spades.
According to reports the teacher, who is asking to have her privacy respected, jumped on stage when she learned the club was offering $500 for any amateur dancer who wins their Twerk Contest.

The 25 year old took to the stage and JIGGLED her way to that BAG.

Here is the video, which does not show her face:

  • Royalty

    I’m not a teacher never have been. I’m @theroyaltydfw on instagram and twitter. I’ve never been to Atlanta and this is in dallas where I’m from!

  • Carbo_ElGatoFresco

    I HATE twerking!!! I think it’s the worst thing to happen to present day culture since NWA mainstreamed the word ‘Nigga’ in rap music.
    But if that bitch is white, HOW in the FUCK did she happen?!!? And I mean that like I said it. I wanna meet the mad-genius who created this bitch!! That muthfugga deserves a Nobel!!! The Brotha-man Kryptonite is in effect!!!
    Where’s that young brother from the YT vines that sings OMG, when you need him??

  • Royce Ziggle

    “…her privacy respected…”?!!
    Bitch, fuck you!!!
    If you really wanted respect, you wouldn’t have been in the contest to begin with!!
    “Respect.” FOH