Man Holds “You Deserve Rape Sign” at Women’s March


The incident took place at the Women’s March in Pensacola, FL on January 21st. As we turned the corner, I noticed a person with his face covered with a black ski mask and black gloves on his hands–he stood out. I glanced up and noticed that he was holding a sign stating “YOU DESERVE RAPE”. I was immediately enraged, appalled and disgusted. I noticed some people were yelling at him, so I decided to take the footage. Suddenly a woman jumped out from the crowd and tried to rip the sign out of his hands. After the incident, I got in contact with the woman and she said that he yelled back at her “I should grab you by the p*ssy”. After hearing this I realized that we live in a country where this is the new norm. Yes, these absurd beliefs existed before Nov. 8, 2016 but the current president has normalized this type of lewd behavior. I was enraged and decided to post the video to shed some light on what we hope to extinguish–the degradation of women and rape culture that is still very much a subject of contention in our society.”